A Complete Guide to Securing a Job in Data Science

Data Science jobs are in high demand in the US and worldwide. While no current certification is required, data scientist and data analyst positions pay very well, with more than 36,000 positions available in the US for these two roles alone. Today, we’ll look at the data science job market, the educational background required, andContinue reading “A Complete Guide to Securing a Job in Data Science”

What is Machine Learning in Data Science?

Imagine a world where machines can automatically learn from their mistakes. It might seem like science fiction, but humanity has already developed machine learning capability. Machine learning is a form of automation that gives an AI agent the ability to learn based on a preferred outcome. The best way to think of machine learning isContinue reading “What is Machine Learning in Data Science?”

Why is Data Science Important?

The term “data science” was first used in the tech industry in the 1960s. A decade later, computer pioneer Peter Naur said that the practice was auxiliary to computer science, but Naur had no idea just how critical data science would become only five decades later. These days, data has grown in both volume andContinue reading “Why is Data Science Important?”

How to Learn Data Science

The term “data science” was coined at the start of the 21st century, but it describes a field of study that’s been around for many decades. In fact, one of the earliest known references to the field of data science was back in 1962, well before computers were commonplace in people’s homes! With data science,Continue reading “How to Learn Data Science”