The Best Recommended Tools for Penetration Testing

A penetration tester’s job is to seek out, test, and identify network or systems vulnerabilities. Pen tests are usually carried out by an ethical hacker, security consultant, or security operations center (SOC) teams. Pen testers need the latest penetration testing tools to identify network or security weaknesses to protect and prevent cyberattacks. We’ve prepared anContinue reading “The Best Recommended Tools for Penetration Testing”

The Different Types of Penetration Testing Explained

Penetration testing is a critical element in a company’s cybersecurity plan. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), penetration testing (also known as pen testing) is a method of testing an application or enterprise’s security system for potential vulnerabilities. Pen testing is typically done by professionals referred to as “white hat” hackers.Continue reading “The Different Types of Penetration Testing Explained”

5 Important Skills Needed for Successful Penetration Testing

A successful penetration test is vital to ensure a company’s data security. But if you’re going to run a successful penetration test, you need a certain set of unique skills. These qualities will help you thoroughly test the company’s computer system, spot vulnerabilities when they appear, and make the right choices to mitigate any potential threats.